Attlas Story

Our mission is to provide a secure, easy and convenient investment platform for investors to seize opportunities with cryptocurrencies, also known as digital assets

Why we started Attlas?

Crypto investment market is still in the initial stage and usually compared to the "Wild West" - where opportunities bloom for everyone, yet there also are many risks of loss for the inexperienced. When started our own crypto invesment journey, we ourselves encoutered a lot of obstacles and difficulties.


Complicated invesment experience

The experience of using international exchanges is complicated and confusing for new users.

Delayed customer service, no local language support


Market lacking transparency

Complex scams in black market (OTC) or P2P

Massive number of projects raising capital with make-believe promises but failing commitments to investors


Lacking investment supporting tools

Lots of time and effort needed to track 24/7 movement of 10,000+ cryptocurrencies

New market participants lacking information and easily fooled by self-proclaimed experts.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam and South East Asia, we find no platforms that can really solve the above problems, hindering many investors in accessing and seizing the opportunity with crypto.

“If not now, when?”

Attlas officially launched

Acknowledging that current market challenges and difficulties are also a great opportunity, we decided to build a product that is really secure, simple and easy to use, bringing value to the majority of investors in the first steps on their digital asset investment journey.

January 24th, 2021, the first ideas about Attlas exchange were formed with the mission of creating breakthrough products and business models in the financial sector, based on the application of technological advances in general and blockchain technology in particular.

Attlas - A place to help you invest in digital assets securely and easily

Attlas was established to make digital asset investment secure, fast and accessible to any investor

Simplify the investment experience with a streamlined interface and a "super-fast" deposit/withdrawal process

Trade securely in the cryptocurrency market with an asset management and information security system.

"We" - did not stop at 5 members

After 14 months of official operation from June 15th, 2021, "we" have had 450,000+ more Attlasians and an ever-growing digital asset investment community.

Become a part of us here:

Behind Attlas

is young Vietnamese who dare to think differently, pursuing a completely new path but full of growth potential in the cryptocurrency market.

Meet the founding team

Dương Quốc Đạt

Chief Executive Officer

Product development, user growth strategy at Attlas

3 years of experience in developing sales channels in life insurance at Prudential Vietnam

8 years in finance and investment analytics

Nghiêm Xuân Bách

Chief Business Development Officer

Managing and developing business partners at Attlas

Highest leader at Cinnamon AI Labs in Vietnam with a team size of over 150 people, in HR, Finance, Project Management and Legal departments.

6 years of experience in building team and managing since at Cinnamon AI, an well-known AI startup, since launch to pre-IPO

Trần Huy Hiệp

Chief Technology Officer

Management and development of transaction technology and asset management infrastructure at Atlas

Information Systems Engineer, PFIEV (High Quality Engineer Training Program), Hanoi University of Science and Technology

5 years of experience as software engineer and Tech Lead in crypto exchanges and blockchain projects

Journey with Attlas

Attlas is built on the brains and efforts of young Vietnamese people, with the aspiration to bring a future to Vietnam's blockchain technology and digital assets.