Attlas Token

ATS is the native utility token of Attlas platform, used for transation fees and various user incentives for ATS holders.


Total supply100,000,000 ATS
Circulating supply40,000,000 ATS (40%)
Token StandardERC-20, BEP-20
Smart contractERC-20: 0xb9A6644bEf37286fC08e703Ecd15e9DEDf78d3eb
BEP-20: 0xa26501786602d92788fb0c5069b5b176c37407c6
Token TypeUtility

ATS Token Allocation

The total supply of 100,000,000 ATS tokens is distributed as follows:

10% VNDC Launchpad

equivalent to 10,000,000 ATS

10% Angel Investors

equivalent to 10,000,000 ATS

20% Private sale

equivalent to 20,000,000 ATS

20% Community Development

equivalent to 20,000,000 ATS

30% Founding team

equivalent to 30,000,000 ATS

10% Strategic Investors

equivalent to 10,000,000 ATS

ATS Token Use Cases


Transaction fees

Attlas will charge users a small fee payable in ATS tokens for each transaction incurring on the.


Fee discounts

ATS holders will benefit from fee discounts on Attlas:

  • 50% off transaction fee when holding at least 1,000 ATS
  • Free withdrawal via Sell VNDC feature

Community rewards

Attlas will launch programs to encourage users to contribute to the community. Users will get rewards in ATS tokens.

Attlas Whitepaper

Kindly find enclosed herewith the details about Attlas.